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LED Strip Light Bar 5050SMD 72LEDs/m


Product Applications

Make it best solutions to cove lighting, decoration lighting, e ffect lighting, back light, background enhancement, entertainment


Product Features

• High quality SMD LED lamps as light engine, more reliable

• Powerful output with extra low lumen decay

• 80%~90% less energy saving

• superb color uniformity, even light distribution with wide angle

• Stylish design,robust aluminum body with excellent heat dissipation

• Easy to mount with metal clips, 3M tape, thread, glue

• Every 3 lamps or 6 lamps at cutting mark can be cut apart to fit specified length

• Dimmable through our handy dimmer (model: LD-MD, LD-RD)

• Comes in waterproof or non-waterproof connectors (option, sold in separate)

Product Specifications

Model No. Emitting
Voltage Max.
Dimension IP
LD72-BW5050-R Red 72LEDs/m DC 12V 17.3W/m 120° 432 lm/m 1003*14*7 mm
(40*0.56*0.28 in.)
Indoor use
Outdoor use
LD72-BW5050-Y Yellow 72LEDs/m 17.3W/m 120° 432 lm/m
LD72-BW5050-G Green 72LEDs/m 17.3W/m 120° 846 lm/m
LD72-BW5050-B Blue 72LEDs/m 17.3W/m 120° 540 lm/m
LD72-BW5050-W White
72LEDs/m 17.3W/m 120° 1404 lm/m
LD72-BW5050-WW Warm White
72EDs/m 17.3W/m 120° 1296 lm/m
LD72-BW5050-RGB RGB 72EDs/m 17.3W/m 120° (R)144 lm/m
(G)288 lm/m
(B)180 lm/m



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