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7W TD20C LED Recessed Downlight Series


Product Features

• Tightly sealed, they're rated IP44 and certified water resistant, so you'll be able to go about your grooming 

  safely, even with lighting that's placed near a shower, sink or bath.

• Recessed ring with broad trim, suitable for all types of ceilings.

• Luminaire can be tilted by 0° ~ 45°.

• Heat sink, mounting rings, which are visible from below,are cast aluminium.

• Liquid-coated white, Silver and Alu. brushed.

• Installation without tools via recessed ring with clamping springs, luminaire unit with snap-in springs.

• Ready to plug-in.

• Use with either a dimmable or non dimmable driver which should be ordered separately.



Product Specifications

 Power Model No. Beam
CCT Lux@1M Lumen CRI IP
Dimmable Weight
 7W TD20C-0741XX 25° 45° 6000K 3,900 lx. 680 lm 75 IP44 Option
by driver
140 ± 5g
(fixed type)

170 ± 5g
(tiltable type)
TD20C-0742XX 4000K 3,600 lx. 640 lm 80
TD20C-0743XX 3000K 3,200 lx. 580 lm 80
TD20C-0771XX 38° 70° 6000K 1,300 lx. 680 lm 75
TD20C-0772XX 4000K 1,200 lx. 640 lm 80
TD20C-0773XX 3000K 1,100 lx. 580 lm 80



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