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Outdoor Lighting

The power of comprehensively Modularized LED Lighting fixture (SKD Modularized)

- LED modularized and independent power supply unit modularized design:

30W & 40W & 50W Modularized design, each module has complementary independent 30W & 40W & 50W
power supply unit to the module.

- Diverse and fast replacement beam angle LENS modules under multiple choices:

Beam angle types of LENS modules have total 10 no. types such as 15 °, 25°, 30°x15°, 45°x30°, 60°, 90°, 
120°, 149°x72°, 145°x (55°+17°), 140°x70°.
Just loosen screws to remove LENS module. The LENS modue can fast change, easily maintain, and renew.

- Fixed brackets for various sites or applications:

4 types of fixed brackets for Pole Mount street light, Project Light, Wall Light, and High Bay Light.

- High flexibility in preparing materials stock for fixture. Reducing the loading of inventory:

4 no. modules assembled displays, 6 no. modules assembled displays, 3 kinds of basic module wattages, 
10 no. types beam angle of LENS modules, 4 no. fixed brackets, 2 kinds of LEDs, 3 kinds of Correlated 
Color Temperature (C.C.T.). Total (4+6)x3x10x4x2x3=7,200 no. types of Fixtures in diverse & flexible 

Optical caharacterstics

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